• Catholic University of Argentina – UCA
    – Degree in agricultural production (2008-2012).
    Thesis: Reproductive efficiency in a polled Hereford herd (Grade: 10)
  • University of Buenos Aires – UBA
    – Veterinary Science (2005-2007). Joint initial curriculum (up to second year)
  • Boarder at St. George’s College, Buenos Aires
  • Mariano Moreno School
    – Primary Education, Ameghino, Province of Buenos Aires


  • English – bilingual (speaking and writing)


  • Diego Beccar Varela y Cía. S.A. – (2015 – to present). Administration of farms at Esquina, Corrientes and the West of the Province of Buenos Aires. The main activities of these enterprises involve full cycle cattle production, rice and agriculture, additionally Brahman and Braford pedigree studs as well as breeding studs for quarter horses, Argentine polo horses and criollo horses.
  • Establecimiento La Isleta S.A. – Arifiglio S.R.L. – Criamampa S.A. (July 2012 – present). Administration and technical advisory work of family rural estates in the area of Florentino Ameghino, West of the Province of Buenos Aires. Main activities: breeding, rearing, feedlot management and agriculture.
  • Nivax S.R.L/Agrinax S.A. (2011-2012) – Manager of the farm in Rosario del Tala, Province of Entre Ríos, Argentina. “La Amistad” (CREA member).
  • Agropecuaria BOLFARM S.A. (2011) – Livestock production and agriculture in the farms of an important agricultural enterprise in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.
  • Standard Bank Argentina (2009-2010) – Agricultural credit analyst – Risks Department.
  • Personal enterprise – J&H beef delivery service (2008). Vacuum-packed beef delivery service.
  • Lehman Brothers – (2007-2008). Av. Alem 855, 8th floor.
  • PEGELA Pastoral Company – (2004). «Jackaroo» – Worked in daily operations in farms in New South Wales and Queensland.


IB (International Baccalaureate):

  • Spanish A2 (High Level)
  • English A2 (High Level)
  • Math Studies (Standard Level)
  • Biology (Standard Level)


  • (2012): Three months in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Crop monitoring, testing of soybean varieties, pests and weeds; machinery and spraying controls. Experience in livestock operations in Santa Anita, at the north, on the border with Brazil.
  • (2011): Travelled to Europe. England, France and Spain for two months.
  • (2007): Travelled to the interior of Paraguay, Brazil (Mato Grosso), Bolivia and Peru.
  • (2004): After finishing high school, I took a gap year to travel and live in Australia. I worked for 6 months in different farms and then travelled to other parts of Australia and New Zealand.
Juan Harrison