Veterinarian with more than 38 years of practice. Specialised in reproductive management of breeding herds. Innovator in the use of the early breeding technique in yearling heifers (1989) and bull service capacity test. Vast experience in all techniques applied to cattle breeding herds: early weaning, selection by pelvic area measurement, selection of breeding stock, artificial insemination and fixed-time insemination.

I thoroughly enjoy my profession and have developed friendly relationships, both with employers and the personnel with whom I interact on a daily basis.

I am enthusiastic and proactive by nature, not only professionally but also socially. In the area where I live, I have taken part of committees of educational institutions Mariano Moreno School and Executive committee of St. George’s College, Quilmes. President of Media Luna Polo Club and secretary of Cooperativa Eléctrica Ameghino Ltda.


  • 1976–1982:  Graduated as veterinarian in the University of Buenos Aires.
  • 1997: Travelled to the USA (cattle breeding training activities).
  • 2008: Travelled to South Africa (cattle breeding training activities).
  • 2019: Travelled to the USA (cattle breeding training activities).


English (bilingual)


Professional and advisory services at numerous livestock production enterprises:

  • Livestock enterprise Ganadera Nahuel Mapa S.A.: Estancia El León and La Colonia (Ameghino, Buenos Aires) Estancia Las Lechuzas (America, Buenos Aires), Estancia El Guaico and El Tala (Union, San Luis)
  • Aston S.A., Estancia La Providencia (Hereford, Buenos Aires)
  • La Anunciación S.A., Estancia Campichuelo (Buchardo, Córdoba). Copal S.A., Estancia El Recodo (Piedritas, Buenos Aires). La Grama S.A. Estancia Las Mercedes (Ameghino, Buenos Aires). Establecimiento La Isleta S.A.,
  • Livestock management and administration Silvia Arancet:  Estancia Alazán, (Pellegrini, Buenos Aires), Estancia Polvaredas (Lonquimay, La Pampa), Estancia La Reserva (Anguil, La Pampa) and Estancia Pagos Viejos (Alpachiri, La Pampa), Pampa Grande (Guachipas, Salta).
  • Santa Anita de los Robles, 20.000 cow herd in San Ignacio, Bolivia.
Eduardo Harrison