• 1950 to 1960 Primary and secondary education at Colegio de La Salle, Buenos Aires
  • 1961 to 1967 School of Agriculture, University of Buenos Aires 
  • Degree: Ingeniero Agrónomo (Ing. Agr., Agronomist). Professional licence 001-3629 Consejo Prof. Ing. Agr.


  • From 1968 to 1972 I resided in Laborde, Province of Córdoba, as administrator of a family farm operation. Simultaneously, in association with agronomist Miguel Mulcahy, we provided advisory services to various farms in the Provinces of Corrientes, San Luis, Córdoba and Buenos Aires.
  • In 1971 I joined the Ameghino Crea Group as an advisor. This is one of the founding groups of the CREA peer advisory group movement. I worked there for many years as an advisor and later as a member, representing a farm operation. I later held different positions, including that of Treasurer and Chairman.
  • In 1972 I joined the farm management firm Hope, González Quesnel y Cía. S.A. as an associate. I was responsible for the technical matters of various livestock and agricultural farms in the Province of Buenos Aires.
  • Upon the retirement of the senior partners, I continued with the client portfolio and founded the firm Diego Beccar Varela y Cía. S.A. Since 1983 I share the firm with agronomist Juan María Palacios (Ing. Agr.). Later on, Antonio Leach and Juan Harrison, both also agronomists, joined as associates.
Diego Beccar Varela